Stock Market Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Cut Through the BS and PROFIT! (Contains Three Texts: Stock Trading, Penny Stocks & Investing for Beginners)


The Ultimate Guide to Cut Through the BS and PROFIT!

This book cuts straight through the fluff provided in other books about the subject, and steers clear of get rich quick schemes where traders tend to lose all their money. It teaches a system proven by time and used by some of the most successful hedge funds out there. 

The Book is split into three sections to cover the various different types of investing:

Stock Trading – Cut Through the BS!
This section gives an overview of stock market trading before teaching a fully contained trading strategy which has been proven to generate tremendous profit over time.


  • The Basics

  • Getting Started

  • Systems for Suckers (Why 90% of traders lose 90% of their money within 90 days)

  • The Trading Method (Turtle Trading)

  • Learning the System

  • Tactics

Penny Stocks – The Definitive Penny Stock Investment Guide to Outperforming the Market and Safely Maximizing Profit
This section provides insight into an area of trading still dominated by individuals rather than high frequency trading algorithms. Penny stocks are associated with higher risk, but with that comes higher average returns for the more 


  • What Penny Stocks are

  • The Benefits and Pitfalls of Penny Stocks

  • Basics of Investing in Penny Stocks

  • Trading Styles

  • Strategies & Tips for Investing in Penny Stocks

Investing for Beginners – 10 Golden Rules for a Successful Portfolio 
This easy to read and concise guide will teach you all you need to know about investing whilst cutting through much of the waffle and technical terms you may encounter in other mammoth investing books.


  1. Don’t Listen to the Reports

  2. Plan it Out

  3. Go for an Index Fund

  4. Create Diversity in Your Portfolio

  5. Get Low Cost with Index Funds

  6. Have an Understanding with Investments

  7. Invest a Dedicated Portion of Your Income

  8. Value Over Cost

  9. Cash Over Everything

  10. Swim Against the Current

This book is not a get rich quick scheme – investing takes time. Done properly however, investing will make you rich! 

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