Stocks for beginners

Investing in the stock market has always been a popular topic when talking about businesses that produce large or unbelievable profit margins. The success stories of stockbrokers and the profits possible from stock trading are at the very least enchanting and we want a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, such success stories overshadow the tales of the work done before success. Trading in the stock market requires thorough training, self-mastery, and a well-developed rule-based plan. To do it any other way is like playing Russian roulette with a completely loaded revolver.
Investing In Stock Market will turn you into the complete stock trader with killer trading rules and tips. This book gives a hand-held guide to stock trading; it teaches how to develop a winning trading strategy, How to trade like a Professional, Study and adopt the traits of professional swing traders, Learn to read price action on a chart at a glance and Protect your capital with strict money management rules.
In business, the harder you work, the luckier you get. INVESTING IN STOCK MARKET is a compendium of the trading tips and rules discovered through the hard work of accomplished stock traders. All you need to be lucky and successful in stock trading is to mentally own the principles and apply rules of stock trading shared in this book.