Stocks: How to Invest For Success To Make Money – Day Trading, Stock Trading, Penny Stocks, Stock Market & Other Investing Basics

Can You Profit as a Day Trader? Let This Book Show You the Risks and Rewards of Your Potential New Career!


You’ve probably heard about day trading, and may have been curious about whether or not you could potentially profit from pursuing this popular but high-risk career. Reading this book will help you make your decision with confidence.

This book provides a detailed history of day trading, will get you acquainted with the often intimidating financial terminology you will need to know, and, most importantly, will give you a realistic assessment of the potential benefits and risks of this high-pressure, high-potential career.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* The common terminology used in day trading

* How day trading began

* What is arbitrage?

* What does it take to be a successful day trader?

* What is a pattern day trader?

* How to notice day trading trends

* Using leverage and sort selling to make a profit

* The potential risks of a career in day trading

* How to begin your day trading career

* Exit strategies for a new day trader

This is First Edition – More Updated Editions Coming Soon!

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Comments From Other Readers

“Great read! I’ve always been curious about day trading and wondered if I could make my retirement by giving it a try. I feel like I can make a much more educated decision because of what I learned in this book.” – Janice B. (San Mateo, CA, USA)

“I’ve heard a lot about day trading, but never really understood it. I felt intimidated by a lot of words I didn’t understand. This book was very helpful getting a grasp on the concept.” – Derek W. (Leeds, United Kingdom)