Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck: 10 Tips to Help You Save More, Spend Less and Be Stress-Free (Money Management & Frugal Living)

When times are bad, the smart people do not fret because they have planned for these events. When times are good, the smart people do not change their spending habits or go on wild sprees because they are still playing it smart. That does not mean that they never have any fun or that they save every single dime like a miser hoarding gold in a dusty attic. Setting a budget means the ability to plan for future expenses and emergencies while still enjoying the present with things that you truly like in addition to taking care of all of the expenses that are necessary.

This book will show you how to start saving money for those future events and emergencies and will even explain the difference between those two things. It is broken down into easy to understand and actionable tips in every chapter so that you can get a good sense of the steps that you need to follow. What is absent here is an actual dollar amount because everybody is different- there is no need to say that you have to save X amount of money especially if you don’t have that much to spare just yet. You will also notice that there is a definite lack of the sticky, sickeningly sweet advice that you get from some places- there will be no “trust your destiny” leave it up to fate advice here. Anyone could tell you that stuff. Your mother has probably said it more than enough times already!

In this book you will learn:

• How to determine what your personal budget should look like including the types of things that you can probably reduce or cut completely at least for now.

• How to deal with the stress caused by sudden budget cuts.

• Whether getting a second job is worth it in terms of time and finances.

• How to still have fun on a budget including ways to de-stress for less and free activities that you can do as a family or in a group.

• How to tell if your future goals are realistic or not and when it is time to wipe that slate clean and start over.

• The difference between a rainy day/emergency fund and a future fund.

• When it is time to seek professional help.

This is an easy to follow book with solid advice. Don’t keep trying to flounder through budgeting and saving on your own. Get help. Get this book.