Student Freelancing 101: A Start-to-Finish Course to Becoming a Student Freelancer


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With over 200 pages worth of great content, this book is structured to take the starting student freelancer all the way through the process of becoming successfully self-employed. Starting with getting you acquainted with the fascinating world of freelancing and ending with how to make your business grow, each lesson in this book has been carefully written with the student freelancer in mind.

Students from all majors all across the globe are taking the reigns when it comes to their education and their future careers. Seeing self-employment as the path to follow their dreams and passions are making thousands of students turn to freelancing as an opportunity to advance themselves in their fields. No longer is it impossible for a student start a viable and successful self-employed career before graduation.

For over four years freelancing as a college student, Amber Leigh Turner has experienced the benefits and challenges of being a freelancer with a full-time school schedule. It has become a passion of hers to help other students succeed in their pursuit to become freelancers.

In her book “Student Freelancing 101,” she walks future student freelancers through a course designed to help them start their freelancing careers, covering the biggest topics in freelancing such as what you need to start your career, how much to charge, and how to get your first client, as well as covering topics special to the student freelancer, such as how to handle the “student” status.

The paperback is a handy 8.25 inches wide by 6 inches tall, bound in a gloss cover. Inside you will find black and white printed pages ready for you to start making notes and planning your way to your freelancing career.