Successful Stock Investing: A Hunt for Wonderful Businesses


Thomas Lenz believes stock picking pays off for some distinct, compelling reasons. In Successful Stock Investing, he presents his thoughts and a straight, three step-approach to this crucial topic, cutting through much of the fog that persistently surrounds it. The identification of wonderful businesses, so, well-fortified, highly profitable powerhouses which dominate with their competitive advantages all the other economic players in the capitalistic game, constitutes the centrepiece of his investment methodology. Based on this novel and unique concept, he explains in clear and comprehendible words how to spot true value in the financial figures of a company and how to estimate a fair price for it. Last but not least, he unveils the universal causes why a long holding period is of such paramount importance for a successful stock investor. Packed with countless examples from the business world of today, this book depicts the ins and outs of Thomas’ proven, reliable investment philosophy. Successful Stock Investing offers deep insights, original thinking and a fundamental as well as robust framework for everyone who wants to be a winner at the stock exchange. Enriched with new intellectual approaches regarding industry environment and strategy, it is also a good source of guidance for business leaders who are focussed on creating real, lasting value. Successful Stock Investing is an essential reading for any organization or individual being eager to build actively a resilient, safe and outperforming stock portfolio over time. Competent, straightforward and always entertaining, this book will change the way you think about businesses and stock investing.