TeckNet Nano Cordless Optical Mouse M002 2.4 GHz, Grey


TeckNet M002 Wireless Mouse:
Enjoy all the reliability and accuracy of a corded mouse and the freedom and comfort of a wireless with the amazing TeckNet M002. This simple mouse is designed with reliability, ease-of-use and user comfort in mind.
Boasting the reliability and precision of a corded mouse with the convenience and freedom of wireless, this mouse also gives you fast data transmission and virtually no delays or dropouts. With low power usage, the single AA battery will last an incredible 18 months, while the tiny Nano receiver set-up is plug and play so there’s no software to install and it’s small enough to leave in your USB port. What’s more, the tactile materials and contoured design guarantees a comfortable user experience

Tru-Wave precision:
To improve tracking accuracy and control of cursor movement we’ve designed the M002 to include our Tru-Wave motion sensor. Tru-Wave enables the mouse to be used on almost any surface, including reflective or transparent surfaces such as glass..

Don’t be tied down:
Experience the reliability of a corded mouse with the added convenience and freedom that wireless can bring you. The unobtrusive USB Nano receiver is so tiny you can leave it in your notebook or PC and forget about it

Just keep going:
Energy efficiency features such as smart sleep mode help reduce power consumption enabling you to keep going for longer, in fact, you can use this mouse for up to 18 months on just one AA battery! There’s a handy indicator light to let you know when it’s almost time to change the battery.

Co-Link for anchored pairing:
Simply plug in the USB Nano receiver into an empty USB port on your PC and leave the rest to Co-Link, our intelligent connection recognition technology.