The 100 Worst Government Mistakes in Government Contracting


Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes, fools by their own. This was the opening line of the introduction for the predecessor to this book, and it is still very true. The author’s previous book, The 100 Worst Mistakes in Government Contracting, was written to help contractor personnel break the mistake habit in their dealings with the federal government on government contracts. Because of the book’s success, it seemed only appropriate to examine the process from the other end and to identify mistakes that the government makes. If fewer mistakes are made by fewer parties, the procurement system will be more efficient and effective. This book is designed to help contracting officers, contract specialists, contracting officer’s technical representatives, and contracting officer representatives avoid making mistakes on their side of the government contracts table. Once again, this book takes a simple and pragmatic approach that conveys 100 common and dangerous mistakes so they can be understood and avoided. The mistakes are drawn from every phase of the government contracts life cycle. The book presents examples through cases and real-life experience. At the same time, the book outlines the framework of relevant sections of government contracting by providing references to the most pertinent statutes and regulations. The author has tried to convey best practices and principles to audiences that include government contracting personnel, explaining laws and regulations and citing examples. But sometimes reciting and explaining best practices and principles is not enough to drive the lesson home; sometimes you have to look at the inverse. What happens when best practices and principles are not applied by government personnel?