THE 33 GOLDEN RULES: SUCCESS FOR GOLDEN AGERS: Practical Methods to Create Motivation, Energy, Vitality and Soulfulness

Dear Reader!

How can I make a success of my life and career? This is probably the thought in your mind as you’re reading through this description. You could either be a young person just embarking on a brand new career and wanting to get it right the first time round. Or you could be someone who’s been trying to get there for some time now, but that elusive factor called “success” seems just out of reach.

If you’re still somewhat doubtful that a book can really help you, I don’t really blame you. I mean isn’t that become the fad these days? Getting self-help books and eventually finding out that they’re just a bunch of nonsense? So why would this one be any different?

You know why? Because it’s been put together by someone who’s been in your shoes. I am not a real writer or anything. I am just an ordinary person who’s been learning out of experiences and the situations life has thrown at me and my friends. I have created this book out of some lessons I learnt along the way, that I want to share with you.

What I have for you is a set of 33 Rules. Some of them will help you put your personal life in order while others will help you sort through your professional life or whatever other responsibilities you have going on. I do feel that to be truly successful, you need to be a comprehensive, successful person. That’s because you cannot be successful in just one sphere of your life. You need to be an all-rounder. Right?

But there’s a lot more to just reading this book. Besides the rules, I have also added a set of Guidelines on how to use the book. You see, I have often seen that people buy self-help books, read them maybe once, they may or may not be convinced and then the book is forgotten.

I really don’t want that to happen to you. And I think I want you to get the full value for your money. The Guidelines will show you how to use the book. Choose the one guideline that you think can help you in the best way and let it lead the way.

When you read the Golden Rules, you will see that they are not all that difficult to implement. Most of them are sheer common sense. I mean, when you read them, you’ll think to yourself, “That’s it? Is it really that simple.” It actually is. But the issue here is not reading and understanding them. It is all about implementation.

I need you to actually adapt these rules in your life. If you could only take some very small steps and make tiny changes in your life, you’ll soon see how many wonderful changes they can bring into your entire life.

One last footnote. I don’t intend for you to follow the book exactly the way I have put it down. Please. Feel free to read the book and the rules and adapt them to suit you and your particular situation in life. Because I do believe that, we each of us are special in our own way and it is not necessary that what will work for everyone will work the exact same way for you.

And I know you’ll be okay. You know why? Because you have already taken the first step towards success by looking for a book that will show you how. Isn’t that why you’re reading this? To choose the best one that appeals to you. Choose well. Choose wisely!!

The book contains:


-Description of 10 different “Guidelines” how to work with this book and how to adapt rules into your day-to-day life

-Simple and easy-to-understand “33 GOLDEN RULES”. Brief and pointedly explanation, which can be immediately implemented in practice. Applicable and concrete advice.


We are very confident, that this book will help you and we wish you all the best for your future life!

Warm regards,

The author and the publisher