The Art Of Self Love: A Practical Guide To The Most Fulfilling Relationship Of Your Life

Learn to love yourself again

All throughout our early lives, we were taught how to read, how to write, how to manipulate, calculate, mold, alter, build, destroy, theorize, study and analyze life.

We were taught how to say “please” and “thank you,” as well as what was acceptable and unacceptable to others and society at large … but most of us failed to be educated in one essential dimension of life: self-love.

What does self-love mean for the introvert? In short, self-love is complete forgiveness, acceptance, and respect for who you are deep down – all your beautiful and hideous parts included. When you love yourself you take care of yourself, you honor your limitations, you listen to your needs and you respect your dreams enough to act on them. When you love yourself, your happiness, health, and fulfillment are all of paramount importance because you realize that without loving yourself, you will never be able to genuinely love others.

But how can you be authentically true to who you are if you don’t know what your basic needs are? This self-love guide is about learning how to identify your unmet needs as an introvert and individual.

What you’ll learn in this guide:

Chapter 1 – Fundamentals Of Self Love:
– Happiness is a choice
– Barriers
– Peak experiences and talents

Chapter 2 – Needs Assessment:
– Physiological & Safety Needs
– Belongingness & Love Needs
– Self-Esteem Needs
– Self-Actualization Needs
– Reflection

Chapter 3 – More Questions To Ask Yourself

Chapter 4 – Exercises:
– Defining Love
– Loving Your Body
– Loving Your Mind
– Loving Your Emotions
– Loving The Moment

By the end of this book, you’ll have a better understanding of your true self. You’ll know what you need and what to look out for, in order to take care of yourself. You’ll discover which parts of your life you unconsciously have been neglecting and learn how to change that for good.

Download this short guide and lay the foundation for the most fulfilling relationship of your life: YOU.