The Aspiring Entrepreneur Entry Strategy: A Practical Step-By-Step Guide for Finding a Validated, Winning Business Idea That Stays True to Who You Are

Most business books either assume that you already have a business idea and jump directly into how you can turn it into a business, or cover this topic lightly and give you the same old advice: scratch your own itch, look for a market gap, make a better version of an existing product, and so on.

The Aspiring Entrepreneur Entry Strategy is something entirely different. In painstaking detail, it walks you through how to get from nothing to a validated, winning business idea that stays true to who you are.

In preparing to write this book, Andreas went straight to the source and interviewed 100+ entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that”, in order to crack the business idea code and present those findings in an easy-to-follow format.

But this book is not an encyclopaedia of options. It won’t provide you with a list of options and then tell you to go scre# yourself and figure it out. Instead, it presents a rigorously tested, 7-step process that works.

Please read this carefully – this is NOT a book on how to come up with the “next big thing.” If you want to build the next Google and you’re looking for that billion-dollar idea, don’t buy this book – it won’t serve you well.

Rather, The Aspiring Entrepreneur Entry Strategy is the perfect guidebook for pragmatic professionals who are thinking of building their first startup, by strategically “starting small”, and actively looking to find that “one” winning business idea.

You’ll also learn why:

• You need to beware of the “artist syndrome”

• On your first venture, you should not play the visionary

• Most internet startups keep failing because of the “going small” fallacy

• Product-first thinking is a recipe for failure

• As with poker, in business, the game starts even before you sit down

• Creating demand is hard. Filling demand is easier


Andreas Aravis is an online entrepreneur, digital marketing lead at Highflyers London, creator of HR Hard Talks, and the founder of No More Startup Myths, a premier website dedicated to helping pragmatic aspiring entrepreneurs to build a viable B2C online microbusiness without risking losing their shirt.