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💡 “The Book of Insights” – One Philosopher – 8 Years’ Worth of Insights 💡

★ Self-Help / Personal Growth book ★

“The Book of Insights” holds 200 self-improving and eye-opening insights; It will help the readers to improve themselves in all aspects of life; aspects such as the law of attraction, the universe, the power of our words, our thoughts and our reality, gratitude, humanity, love, God, success, failure, entrepreneurship, our imagination, and more…

This inspiring book will help you to love yourself and others more than ever. Every insight (short or long) will help you to understand the real meaning of most life situations.

★ Easy read – every page of the book represents a different insight – what’s makes this book very easy to read, insight after insight or even one insight a day.

★ “The Book of Insights” makes the readers relate to the insights written in it, the insights shed light on a variety of situations from our daily lives.

★ The insights in the book provide “tools” how to achieve personal growth in our lives: how to be a better person, a better partner, a better parent, a better child, a better friend, and more…

★ All the insights in the book presenting only the truth. However, all the insights ending with a positive attitude, and a way to make things better.

★ Easy-to-read English, even children can read it, relate to it and achieve personal growth from it.

💡 The Opening Insight – NEVER GIVE UP! – We never know how close we are to achieving our goal. In the beginning, if we took a leap of faith and believed in our idea… we should keep on working toward its fulfillment and keep on believing in it. We need to focus our effort, our time and especially our thoughts on our goal and the results will come… sooner or later.

Enjoy reading!

– I.B.E –

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