The Corporate Refugee Startup Guide: How to Prepare Yourself, Prepare Your Family, Leave Your Job and Build the Ultimate Startup.


The Corporate Refugee Startup Guide has been created for people that have a burning desire to launch their own startup and have become disillusioned with working for traditional organizations. 

  • These people tend to be highly self-motivated, exhibit strong creative skills, embrace change and possess a significant solution-orientation. 
  • These individuals are ready to make the leap into their own startup. 
  • They typically already have a startup idea, but are savvy enough to know that they need guidance to avoid critical missteps. 
  • They are finally ready to move from being a wantrepreneur, someone who has an idea but doesn’t launch, to an entrepreneur, who launches a startup. 
  • They typically have family and financial obligations that need to be considered before they launch their business. 
  • They want to familiarize themselves with proven processes by thousands of successful startups. 

This book will not sugarcoat the entrepreneurial journey. It is a practical step-by-step guide that will provide you with insider startup secrets from an assembled team of world-class entrepreneurs, angel investors, startup accelerator executives, academics, attorneys and more. 

Interviews and guest authors have launched, grown, coached, mentored, managed and invested over $1.5 billion in startups.
Some of the the experts you will learn from include:
  • Brad Feld, Co-Founder of Techstars & Foundry Group
  • Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871 (the largest startup incubator in North America)
  • Troy Henikoff, Managing Director of MATH Venture Partners
  • Peter Wilkins, Executive Director of Hyde Park Angels
  • Hank Barry, former CEO of Napster
  • Troy Vosseller, Co-Founder of gener8tor
  • Chris Cain, Attorney at Foley & Lardner  

You will explore the critical 12 steps that have been identified from assessing your entrepreneurial motivations all the way through launching your startup.

Step 1 – Assessing your True Motivations 
Step 2 – Validating your Startup Idea & Building Your Business Model 
Step 3 – Preparing your Family for the Journey 
Step 4 – Transitioning from Corporate to your Startup 
Step 5 – Branding and Marketing Your Startup 
Step 6 – Law School for Your Startup 
Step 7 – Raising Capital for Your Startup 
Step 8 – Pitching Your Startup 
Step 9 – Building Your Startup Team 
Step 10 – Creating Your Launch Plan & Beta 
Step 11 – Cash Flowing Your Startup 
Step 12 – Preparing to Pivot again and again