The Fitness Entrepreneur’s Handbook


Have the impact you want to have, earn the income you deserve and enjoy the freedom you sought when you set out on your own build building your ideal fitness business.

You are passionate about fitness & performance and you want to create a business that allows you to work in a field you are excited about and enjoy while also achieving your financial and lifestyle goals. But if you’re like most fitness entrepreneurs, you don’t know how to get there.

Maybe this sounds like something you’ve experienced or you’re experiencing right now:

You’re not sure how to attract the clients you want to work with.

You aren’t sure how to sell in a way that makes you comfortable.

Turning your knowledge, passion and skills into a successful business is proving to be more challenging that you anticipated.

Building a business that allows you to have the impact, income and lifestyle you want seems like more of a pipe dream than an outcome you’re likely to achieve.

Well, you’re not alone.

Bestselling author and founder of over 25 fitness businesses, Pat Rigsby, has been there and he’s coached thousands of trainers and coaches who’ve been there as well – and the good news is that you can do it.

You can design and build a successful fitness business doing what you love and in the Fitness Entrepreneur’s Handbook he shares proven principles, strategies and tactics that will help you create a plan and execute it so that you can get from where you are now to where you really want to be as a business owner.