The Freelancing Bible: How to Make Your First 1k and Beyond

“Make Money Online Now!… From your bed!… With no effort!”… they scream.

Give me a break.

In this no-nonsense guide to making money you’ll learn how to get your first few paying clients, so you can start making your first $1,000 on the side.

With freelancing, it’s not just ONE skill or FIVE skills to make money online. There are literally hundreds of services that clients need and they are looking to pay someone with the right skills to solve their problems.

Within a few hours you’ll know:

• How to get and keep the best clients.
• How to figure out what to charge for your service.
• Which skills people will actually PAY for year after year.
• How to become a Rockstar and stand out from other freelancers in your field.
• …and more!

All you need are the right tactics and a little enthusiasm. The tactics and methods contained in in this short ebook will get you motivated to start today.

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