THE MODERN FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR: How to steer your life and family towards Success via Entrepreneurship


Over time, Saija has met countless people who want to have FREEDOM in their lives. People who want to live their life the way they design and plan it, a life that is suited to their passions, characteristics and way of living. For one reason or another, though, they’re stuck in the so-called ‘rat race’. Saija’s mission is to show you the way out, and this book is the gateway. She will show you the path and get you on your way. In this book, Saija will be revealing how she’s achieved her goals and dreams, and how she’s truly managed to live a FREE life. Free to create her own lifestyle, her own pace — her own ‘rat race’, if you like. But, as many with things in life, Freedom has its price; its pros and cons. The book will go through each of these elements, guiding you through the jungle gym and give you effective methods, tools and strategies that you can implement along the way, in order to find Freedom and live the life you want. “This book helped give me the confidence to change my life and take the first steps towards entrepreneurship. Broken down into useful bite sized chapters, the information is delivered with clarity and prepared me for the overwhelming step that has changed my life. Saija is an inspiration to women in business and her positivity and belief in others shines through. Well worth a read!” Gill Grueber – DancePro Academy More about the Author and her work: