The Science of Making Money in the Stock Market


Gray Emerson Cardiff has been a best-selling author and editor of the investment advisory service Sound Advice for the last 28 years. The independently-audited track record of Mr. Cardiff’s stock and ETF recommendations in Sound Advice has produced an annual investment return 5 times greater than the S&P 500 for 15 years, according to the Hulbert Financial Digest. Sound Advice has also been consistently included among the top 12 stock market advisory services in Hulbert’s Honor Roll for having the best performance in both up and down markets.

This book reveals Mr. Cardiff’s secrets to successful investing. You will discover his proprietary stock market indicators, exactly how they work, and how you can update them yourself.

“What if I were to tell you that in the pages of this book you will find a totally reliable tool that signaled the beginning major upswings since 1974? Or another that has signaled every crash and major decline? Would you believe me?

If you’re like most investors, your answer would be no. Most investors believe they know enough about the stock market to be able to confidently say that the market is unpredictable. The modern stock market is almost insanely complicated, they say, and it is a part of a larger economy that is more complicated yet. And besides, these are the days of computerized buy and sell programs; the action is simply moving too fast for any formula to work reliably. Isn’t it?

Absolutely not. Be assured that by the time you finish this book you will have in your possession the tools you will need to profit from the stock market—and to get out of it before your profits are scuttled. These tools are quite different from the aphorisms and jingles that so often pass for stock market advice. You will not need to know who won the Superbowl, you will not need to wait to see if a Republican is elected to the White House nor will you need to follow breathlessly every twitch on Wall Street. The fundamental ideas underpinning these tools are simple, almost obvious. Once you grasp them, you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t see them. However, there are so many voices in the media shouting their different stories, so many reports, so many analysts’ upgrades and downgrades, so many often contradictory government statistics that investors lose sight of what really drives markets. If the ideas are simple, the tools themselves will require from you some effort to understand and more work to keep current. But this effort, if you make it, will separate you from most investors forever—and will bring you great rewards.” — Gray Emerson Cardiff