The Self-Published Entrepreneur: 7 Easy Steps to Write, Self-Publish & Sell Your Own Book in 60 Days or Less (Then Use Your Book to Launch a Profitable Business or Career)

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If you want a book that ACTUALLY tells you how to write, publish & sell then this book is for you. This is also for the people who will take action and implement the real world strategies inside the book. If you want fluff, product up-sell and vague ideas then go away, there are other authors for you. – J. Israel

Learn to write, publish & sell your book in 60 days or less… then use it to grow your practice!

Inside you’ll learn:

How to choose a profitable topic… so you don’t have to waste a single second writing your book

The exact 7 step system to go from idea to published in 60 days or less

What to do if you absolutely hate writing but still want a published book

How to map-out your book from start to finish

How to outline like a pro (this is the secret to writing a book fast!

Why Shitty first drafts are acceptable… in fact, encourage.

The importance of book covers and why it will make or break your book sales

How to increase sales even before you publish! – the secret is in the uploading process

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