The Smart Entrepreneur 2.0: Level Up! Convert Your Ideas into Growth

Are You The Smart Entrepreneur 2.0?

LEARN: How to Convert Your Ideas into Growth

Do you have an exciting idea? Are you starting a business? That´s great! Still searching for that grand idea? No sweat. This book shows you how to develop ideas into great ones, test them as quickly as possible, and achieve long-term growth as an entrepreneur, or with new products and services.

MASTER: 8 Vital Disciplines of Today’s Top Entrepreneurs

Are you a Samurai Entrepreneur? You will definitely learn more about this concept, as this book was inspired by the virtues of these ancient warriors. By the end of your reading, you will know how to level up 8 disciplines that are vital to any Entrepreneur who is starting a business and wants to achieve growth.

DISCOVER: 130+ Innovative Tools of the Smart Entrepreneur 2.0

Are you leveraging the power of Web 2.0 tools for your business or startup? Discover the finest tools used by entrepreneurs that support each of the 8 disciplines. Starting a business isn´t easy. By integrating effective tools into your daily processes, you will accelerate the development of your startup ideas.

The Smart Entrepreneur 2.0: Level Up! Convert Your Ideas into Growth

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to obtain groundbreaking ideas when you really need them
  • How to ignite your personal engine – the entrepreneurial fire that will constantly push and pull you toward your vision
  • How to focus on important goals without getting sidetracked
  • How to inspire the people around you to support your vision
  • How to build smart habits that boost productivity beyond what you imagined
  • How to build a lean product or service, including a plan to overcome difficulties while starting a business under extreme uncertainty
  • How to achieve sustainable growth instead of short-term ups and never-ending downs
  • How to grow your startup without sacrificing your health, family and friends

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