Trade Like a Pro: 20 Winning Stock Market Strategies That Will Make You Rich


Trade Like A Pro – How To Grow Your Wealth With Winning Stock Market Strategies!

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Today’s markets are fast moving and ever shifting. Trading can be a complicated and daunting business for the novice trader. But with this book in hand, you’ll be given key strategies with which to conquer the markets.

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  • Trading is littered with hard to understand lingo and advice, but here you’ll find that terminology is explained and strategies used by the pros themselves are broken down into easy-to-understand – and more importantly, follow – steps.

    With straight forward wording you’ll learn strategies such as:

  • Gap Trading
  • CFD Trading
  • Leverage
  • Offshore Carry Trading
  • Trading Halt
  • … and many more.

    Just because you’re starting out doesn’t mean you have to fail.

    Become a canny trader, stand out from the crowd, and boost the digits in your Forex account with ‘Trade Like a Pro’ by Boris Timm, author of the eye-opening books ‘A Simple Guide to Investing in Turnaround Stocks’, ‘Options Trading Basics Explained’ and ‘Winning with Growth Stock Funds’.

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