Trading & Investing: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Successfully Navigating the Stock Market, Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a … Management, Trading Psychology Book 1)

The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Successfully Navigating the Stock Market

Stock market investing has been – and continues to be – one of the most popular and lucrative ways to make money grow and achieve financial goals. But it also continues to be one of those investments many people still shy away from because of lack of understanding of even just the basic principles underlying it.

In this book, I’ll demystify the concept of stock market trading/investing so that you can confidently start investing in stocks and stop missing out on one of the best ways you can grow your wealth and achieve your financial goals. I’ll talk about what investing really is, what shares of stock are, what type of stocks you should invest in, how to make money in the stock market, and 3 of the most popular strategies for making money in the market. By the end of the book, you’ll have enough basic knowledge of investing in the stock market to take the next steps.

All of us have financial goals. The only things left for debate are what those goals are and whether you’re aware of your goals. But for all of us, there’s one financial goal we all share: to meet our current needs. Let’s face it – everything in life needs money. Food, shelter, clothing and health care all need money to be acquired. Heck, even love needs money indirectly because it’s hard to express love without paying for stuff like a romantic dinner, gifts for our loved ones, and going on meaningful experiences like trips among others. So, all of us have the same financial goal, which is to have enough money to meet our current needs.

Here is what you’re going to learn in the book

  • Basic Principles of Investing
  • Investing in Stocks
  • Making Money from Stocks
  • Trading and Investing Strategies
  • And much much more!

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