Urban Escape: A Digital Entrepreneur’s Travel Guide for New York City

Today life is different than it was 30 years ago. Making money is much different, as opportunities have become overly abundant. Traveling and vacations are planned differently. Work and life do not have to be location dependent anymore. Enter the world of the digital entrepreneur.

Work, for some, requires nothing but a laptop and an internet connection. The office can be anywhere. Be it from a sunny tropical beach, a noisy, over-crowded New York City or someplace in-between, the new breed – the digital entrepreneur -, can generate much of their income over the Internet. Some build fortunes this way, scribing their name onto the blackboard with The New Rich.

In this urban guide, Cristi Vlad, a non-U.S. aspiring digital entrepreneur, reveals how he planned and how he enjoyed his first two trips to New York City. You will become familiar with:

1. How Cristi generates his income online, starting with a little background story.
2. How he gets cheap plane tickets through ticket search aggregators.
3. How he prepares before his trips, what’s inside his baggage (using a minimal approach) and some other of his early preps.
4. How Cristi uses Airbnb to rent private rooms in peoples’ homes at much lower prices than you would get in a hotel/motel.
5. What to expect from airport security checks; fast and inexpensive ways to get from the airport to the Airbnb destination (the place your rent).
6. How to move around NYC using smart phone applications.
7. A practical guide to do the laundry; very useful for non-U.S. natives, Cristi Vlad included.
8. Tips on how to stay in shape; working out in parks and obtaining free gym passes.
9. How to find free and paid events using smart apps; on meeting people and building long-lasting relationships (the Eventbrite approach).
10. How to become super-knowledgeable using The New York Public Library (NYPL).
11. The places Cristi frequently visited in NYC.

Part of this urban guide was envisioned by Cristi during his daily subway trips and it was crafted over double-shot espressos in the Starbucks coffee houses of Manhattan. The inside is full of illustrations taken by Cristi during his 9-week stay in New York City.