What in the world do I need a Life Coach for??? The reasons why having a life coach can save your life

Have you ever wondered what a Life Coach is or what a Life Coach does?

If so, then here is a little, tiny ebook all about it!

Here is my short definition:

“A Life Coach is a professional who inspires, motivates, and make you accountable to achieve your wildest dreams above and beyond what you ever thought possible.”

Of course, there are different types of Life Coaches with different specialties. However, my feeling about any good Life Coach is that no matter what modality they are using that they will still adhere to the above definition. In other words, each Coach may go about it in a different way, but the end result is still an expansion of you, your business, your ideas, your creativity, your relationships, and your dreams.

You know what’s funny about when you pay someone for their advice and ideas?

You do it!

That is one of the most amazing things about hiring a Coach that can take place is that you will actually begin doing things that you hadn’t previously done before.

Additionally, a Life Coach can help you to hurdle emotional or physical obstacles that stand in the way of your success. An outside person can help you to see a bigger picture than you had previously been able to see on your own. Of course, you could always ask your friend Jim to tell you his opinion, but Jim will be less motivated. This is because Jim is not being paid and has his own problems to deal with. Additionally, Jim will not make you accountable and follow up with you to make sure you did it.

A good Life Coach can help you to:

1) Be inspired! In other words, help you to begin to think outside of the box and see possibility where before you only saw limitation.

2) Get motivated! A Life Coach will help you to feel motivated, keep moving, and take physical action steps to start knocking down your goals.

3) Get out of the way of yourself! A Life Coach can see where you are sabotaging yourself and help you to avoid self-defeating thought patterns and actions that are bringing you down.

4) Heal emotional wounds from the past. A good Life Coach can help you to heal your emotional past and kick depression and apathy in the butt!

5) Utilize dynamic Vibrational Magnetism. Oh yeah, this too! A good Life Coach can help you to actually become MAGNETIC to the people, places, and events that you need in order to succeed in life!

6) Prioritize your life. A good Life Coach will help you to take steps that create results and eliminate unnecessary steps that do nothing to further your life.

7) Decide what you want! A really good Life Coach will help you to definitively decide the direction you want your life to go in, thus saving you valuable time and energy.

8) Feel unstoppable! A super duper amazing awesome Life Coach will instill within you a feeling of ‘unstoppability’ which means that you become impervious to anything that would stop a normal person from pursuing their dream life.

This is a time period in the history of our world FULL of potential! Most people think the opposite that during time periods like these of economic hardships that there is less potential. I say that this time period is full of magic and potential!

Now is the time for you to BREAK OUT on your own, expand yourself, and create your dreams!

Let a Life Coach help you with that.

What have you got to lose?

Nothing, that’s what.

However, what you stand to gain is getting your life back on track and achieving the dream that you came here to live.

Be who you came here to be!